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The Oakville Health Centre Clinic is part of the Oakville Health Centre FHO (or Family Health Organization)
What is a Family Health Organization?


A Family Health Organization (FHO) is a group of primary care physicians who have chosen to work together to provide their patients with greater access to health care.  The Oakville Family Health Organization is a FHO.  Family doctors who have joined the Oakville FHO are: 


How do I become part of a FHO? ​


When you join a family doctor's practice or "become rostered to a family doctor's practice", you are asked to sign a document from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). This contract is sent to the MOHLTC acknowledging your decision to seek primary care medical advice and treatment from this physician. 


Why become part of a FHO? 


There are many benefits to joining a physician's roster but perhaps most valuable is the ongoing, trusting relationship that develops over time. As a patient of a physician who is part the Oakville Family Health Organization, you and your family have access to the Oakville Health Centre Clinic. 


In the event that you are unable to see your family doctor to address your health concern, one of the experienced family doctors of the Oakville FHO is available to see you in the Clinic.  During the week, our FHO patients have exclusive access to medical attention from 0900 am - 1300 pm, Monday to Friday.  The clinic physician will be able to access your medical record and consult your own physician if necessary in order to manage your medical concern comprehensively. 


In addition, your personal physician will receive a copy of the clinic chart and any reports generated from the visit to maintain the continuity of your care.  This is an extremely important and an essential part of providing you with the highest standard of patient care.   The clinic is also available to assist you should you have questions or concerns regarding your health.

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