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Our Doctors: 

The backbone of the Oakville Health Centre Urgent Care Clinic is our team of experienced family physicians.  

  • Dr Sherief Ahmed

  • Dr. Roland Amolins

  • Dr. Komal Boyal

  • Dr. Peter Eddenden

  • Dr. Martha Graham

  • Dr. Yasmine Hussain

  • Dr. Edward Jacobson

  • Dr. Hawa Kamara

  • Dr. Viquar Khan

  • Dr. Judith Levasseur

  • Dr. Michael May

  • Dr. Fakhara Rana

  • Dr. Anna Sheridan Jonah

  • Dr. Jaisy Yang

  • Dr. John Yates

While many of our doctors have been in practice in the Oakville area for 30 or more years, we have welcomed many new family practitioners recently.  

To find a family doctor